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Cyber security specialist expert in internet security research, planning, implementation, and maintenance. Educate users on important cyber security processes and preventative measures. Particularly in commercial and corporate environment, expertise in network monitoring, software security, and striving to avoid cyber-attacks. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of end-user support, trouble shooting skills, using tools for networking analyzing to successfully fill the role at your company. Frequently praised as efficient by my peers, I can be relied upon to help company achieve its goals. Key strengths include:

  • Using tools to perform network analyzing, offensive/defensive penetration testing, and administration ethically.
  • Utilizing problem solving skills, knowledge of security across various platforms, attention to detail to approach all cybersecurity tasks.
  • UI/UX designing techniques for front-end / back-end website development.

While I was pursuing my A.S. in Computer Science at Orange Coast College and B.S. Computer Science concentration in Cyber Security at California State University at Fullerton, I studied extra curriculum online courses from LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, HackTheBox academy to improve my:

  • Programming languages: C++/C, Python, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, PowerShell, Ducky Script, Bunny Script,
  • Confident in using tools: Visual Studio, Atom, Git, Wireshark, Nmap, Hashcat, SQLMap, Adobe XD, VirtualBox, Proxmox
  • Familiarity with content management systems: WordPress, DreamHost, Google Cloud.
  • Experiences with OS/Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu/Ubuntu Server, Kali Linux), Apache Server, MacOS, Microsoft SQL Server, WordPress, Github.

Educations and Skills







Work Experiences

Information Security Officer Intern

CENIC (October 2022 - Present)

Software Engineer Intern

Safran Passenger Innovation (June 2022 - August 2022)

IT Support Specialist

Advance Beauty College (Nov 2020 - May 2022)​

Combat Engineer

United State Army (Dec 2013 - Dec 2021)


  • Capture the Flag

    Demonstrated competency in penetration testing by successfully completing challenges from HackTheBox using techniques such as SQL injection, XSS, bruteforce, and Server-Side Request Forgery to attack simulated systems and proficient in utilizing various tools, including Hashcat, Postman, Nmap, SQLMap, Burp Suite, and Wireshark to achieve the objectives of the penetration testing.

  • Home lab

    • Incorporated enterprise networking devices and implemented security features to protect the network, such as firewalls and honeypots using Raspberry Pi, and ensure the safety of the network and its data and to provide secure and efficient connectivity.
    • Enabled remote access to local machines, servers, and NAS devices from outside of the home network through the implementation of VPN


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